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How to Order Groceries Online

If you're tired of fighting crowds at the grocery store, or if you're simply too busy, here's a solution: shop the aisles from the comforts of your own home by ordering your groceries online.


Steps to buying groceries right:

1. Click on the related sites provided on the right and choose your nearest grocery shopping store.

2. Visit the Google search engine at the bottom of the page to find an online store that services your area.

3. Include "grocery delivery" and your city of residence in the search query. Press Enter or click the Search button on the engine.

4. Click on a site that bests suits you from the list of results provided by the search engine.

5. Enter your ZIP code to see if the site delivers to your area.

6. Once you've selected a site, register your name, address, and other required delivery information.

7. Choose a category to shop for, such as produce or cereal.

8. Select a specific item by clicking on it. On most sites, this will give you a closer look at the product you've selected.

9. View the price, along with the ingredients and nutritional information provided with the product.

10. Click the Add to Cart or Buy button to save it in your shopping cart. Continue shopping by repeating steps 7-10.

11. Click the Check Out button when you've finished shopping.

12. Choose what shipping priority you prefer if you haven't selected a local delivery store.

13. Schedule a delivery time if the store is local.

14. Charge the total amount to your credit card account.


How To Tip Your Grocery Delivery:

Each Grocery websites have a variety of shipment methods and in the length of time for delivery. However, NONE deliver to post office boxes.

If you're buying from a local store, you need to choose what time you want the groceries delivered, usually in a half-hour time span. If you aren't home, you'll be charged a fee to have the groceries redelivered. You can choose to have your groceries left at the door if there are no perishables, frozen food, tobacco or alcohol. Otherwise, someone has to sign for the delivery.

How Much Is Shipping For Online Groceries:

Prices range for the delivery charge. Some provide free shipping if your order amount is over a certain total. Other sites charges $5.00 per order for residential deliveries and $10.00 for commercial deliveries. Check the charges carefully before you place your order. Most sites don't allow tipping.


You can also have groceries sent to someone else's address, such as your parents' or your kids'. This is very powerful because if your mother or grandmother is too ill to get out to the store and there is no one nearby these types of service can be a life saver! Also on some sites, you can have a recurring order automatically sent to you each week or whatever time period you choose.

Grocery Delivery

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